The relationship between Katsu Kaishu and Ota City

Katsu Kaishu was a renowned Japanese statesman who worked during a time of great turbulence from the late Tokugawa Shogunate to the Meiji Period. It is said that the Shogunate in late Tokugawa had the most innovative ideas, boasting advanced naval training and having sent the Japanese warship the Kanrin Maru, captained by Kaishu, on the first delegation to America. It’s also said that Kaishu, who is particularly notable for his role in the bloodless surrender of Edo, took an audience with Saigo Takamori, the famed samurai who led the Meji restoration, at the government force’s stronghold at Ota City’s Ikegami Honmonji Temple’s Shotoen Garden.

In addition, Katsu Kaishu’s private residence “Senzokuken”, built close to his beloved Senzoku Pond, has now become a part of Ota City’s Ritsu-Omori-Dairoku Junior High School. After Kaishu’s death the Seimeikai Foundation relocated Senzokuken to a neighboring site, establishing the Seimei Bunko Library putting together vast book collections, a reading room and lectures related to the history of Katsu Kaishu.

On the banks of Ota City’s Senzoku Pond, the graves of Katsu Kaishu and his wife still remain, where they are fondly remembered by locals.

Katsu Kaishu Museum

The construction of a memorial museum preserving and developing the former Seimei Bunko Library (Designated Tangible Cultural Property) is being planned. This museum will introduce the history of the local area whilst celebrating the relationship between Katsu Kaishu and Ota City.

The museum aims to open in summer 2019; construction began in January 2018, and began developing exhibitions and reviewing pieces to display in March.

Note: Information on the Katsu Kaishu Museum* will be updated as required on the Ota City homepage. (*provisional name)

Getting there

6-minute walk from Tokyu Ikegami Line’s Senzoku-Ike Station

6-minute walk from Tokyu Bus’s Senzoku-Ike Bus Stop.

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