The data files of text content and photos on this website, along with various rights of their ownership and use, belong to Ota City as a general rule. Only in compliance with the following Terms of Use, the photos and images posted in the “Photo Gallery” can be used freely.

  1. Disclaimer
    The use of photos is allowed under the condition that the user agrees to comply with these terms. However, this allowance is limited to the use of the photos, and does not transfer copyright of the photos.Ota City does not provide any guarantee regarding downloaded images. Ota City is not liable for any incidents or damages which occur as a result of the use of downloaded images.In case photo data is used in violation of the Terms of Use, the use will be terminated. Ota City is not liable for any troubles, which occur between the user and third party, as a result of the termination of use.
  2. Purpose of use
    The use of photo data is allowed for the purpose of introducing and promoting tourism in Ota City.
  3. Prohibited Activities
    • Use of downloaded photo data for: crime, anti-social activities (hereafter defined as activities associated with gang groups, gang members, quasi gang members, gang-related companies, corporate extortionists, political racketeers, organized crime syndicates, and/or other similar entities), or acts against public order and good morals.
    • Selling of photos for a fee
    • Manufacturing or selling a product in which the marketability of the product depends on the photo image itself (such as postcards, calendars, and photo albums).
    • Using or registering photo image for trademarks.
    • Secondary distribution of photos
    • Processing and editing of photo images including compositing, distorting, color processing. Editing which does not change the integrity of the image, such as minimal trimming or changing photo size and definition, is allowed.
  4. Reporting of Use
    Reporting of the use of photo images is not required at time of use, but please send a copy of the finished product to Ota City Tourism Department. If use of images is in internet content, please inform Ota City Tourism Department of the URL.
  5. Notation of Credits
    Please post the credit “Photo image provided by Ota City” at time of use. In case of use online, please include the notation “Duplication or Re-posting prohibited”.
  6. Copyright
    All copyrights belong to Ota City.
  7. Consent of Use
    Consent to the Terms of Use is assumed at the time of download of photo images.

For any questions regarding use, please contact Ota City Tourism Department:

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