Discover a Hidden Side to Tokyo

Ota city is packed with fun experiences, places and great food and, once you visit, you’ll meet great people too. If you want to imagine how you could spend your time in Ota city, then these 1-minute videos will give you some great ideas.

Sensory Exploration


If you want to delight your senses in Ota city, look no further than Ota City Tourist Information Center. With over a dozen workshops ranging from basic Japanese etiquette lessons to real tea ceremony, there are many hands-on experiences that will leave you with memories of new sights, smells and skills. You may also rent a kimono, and with a staff member as your guide, you can visit a shrine and take photos in a truly traditional setting. Workshops generally range in price from 2,000 to 6,000 yen, but there are some free ones as well.

Sense of Adventure


Haneda Airport couldn’t be more convenient for visitors flying in or out of Tokyo, but if you have the time to hang out, you’ll see there’s much more to it than first meets the eye. There are rows of restaurants serving up delectable dishes, shops offering high quality Japan-made cosmetics and if you’re lucky, you’ll spot Mount Fuji from the terminal building.


If traditional places are more your thing, then visit Ikegami Honmonji Temple, which has a stunning five-story pagoda within its huge temple complex. It was at this temple that Nichiren, a famous Buddhist priest and founder of Nichiren Buddhism, finished his days. It’s a place of historical and cultural importance.

OtaKuroyuOnsen (2)

Ota city is said to have the highest number of sento (public bathhouses) in Tokyo. With 42 sento available, visitors are spoiled for choice!  Since each sento has its own unique style, and many have different concentrations of minerals in their water, it’s easy to find the right one(s) just for you. After your bath, drop by Ota’s famed Bourbon Street for a drink or two. They say beer tastes best after a long, hot bath – why not see if that’s true?

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These short, fun and inspirational videos are great reference guides if you’re stumped for places to explore. Find them on Ota city’s YouTube channel, along with videos in Korean, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

What are you waiting for? Why not explore Ota city today?