The annual International City Ota Festival, will take place on Saturday September 29th , promoting the city’s diversity and international character.  This time will be held on the same day as “2018 Sky Day Festival” at Haneda Airport, allowing us to collaborate and plan exciting events than previous years.

There will be sky-related displays and experiences at the “Rediscovering Japan and Ota” area.  At the “Connecting with the World” area, visitors can experience different cultures from all over the world at the stalls representing each country.  This event is also a great opportunity to enjoy global cuisine as well as shopping for unique gifts.

Former national badminton player, Reiko Shiota will be the guest speaker at the main stage.  Hanepyon, Ota’s official PR character, and his friends have an act as well, though details have not yet been revealed.

Ota City, home to Haneda Airport, has hidden gems yet to be discovered so if you are looking for some fun and authentic experience, why not visit?

Getting there

5 minutes walk from Tenkūbashi station (Keikyu Electronic railway airport line / Tokyo monorail)

More information

  • Former Haneda maintenance area near Tenkubashi station, Ota City(1-5 Haneda Airport, Ota)
  • September 29th(Sat)10:00~16:00

    ※Canceled only in case of heavy rain