2017’s ‘International City Ota Festival on Sky Day in Haneda’ will be planned around the theme, ‘From Haneda to the world’, and arrive fully loaded with international character. This year’s festival will take place on September 30th (Saturday) at Haneda Airport’s former maintenance area, near Tenkubashi Station.

From trying global cuisine at the World Food Court, to sampling the varied Japanese products and flavors at the Cool Japan Area, there will be many exciting and fun ways to get involved at this annual Ota festival. In addition, visitors can enjoy sky-related activities at the Sky Experience Area, or World Music, dance, mikoshi shrines and music at the Performance Area, not to mention try out traditional cultural activities at the Traditional Japan Area. Spending the day at International City Ota Festival will surely make for a multi-cultural fun-filled day.

Why not come along and discover Ota City’s hidden charms at this Haneda festival?

  • Date: 2017 Sept 9th (Sat) 10:00–16:00
  • Place: Former maintenance area near Tenkubashi Station
  • Organisers: ‘International City Ota Festival on Sky Day at Haneda’ executive committee/ Ota City

Getting there

5 minutes walk from Tenkubashi Station – both Keikyu Airport Line (Exit A1) and the Tokyo Monorail.

More information

  • Former Haneda maintenance area near Tenkubashi station, Ota City
  • 2017 Sept 30th (Sat), 10:00–16:00
  • Free entry