With the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics coming in 2020,  Haneda Airport will see international flights steadily increase over the next few years, with more foreign tourists than ever before visiting Japan and landing at Ota ward’s Haneda. Ota City, as an international city connected to the world, therefore holds this International City Ota Festival at Haneda airport in order to strengthen its connection to the world. Expect to see:

  • With the theme of ‘Travel and Experience’, see various entertainment from across Japan and overseas.
  • Foreign cities exhibition and promotion area
  • Food stalls for you to experience the food culture of Japan and overseas
  • “Cool Japan” area showcasing agricultural products to promote a “future plan for Haneda Airport”
  • Exhibition of Ota City’s Japanese culture
  • Cosplay as a communication tool

Getting there

One minute walk from Tenkūbashi station (Keikyu Electronic railway airport line / Tokyo monorail)

Free shuttle bus from east exit JR Omori/Kamata station

No parking – only for bicycles

More information

  • Open area next to Tenkubashi station, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • October 1st Sat 10am–4pm