Ota City is an international city that is closely connected to Haneda airport, allowing it to host the annual International City Ota Festival.

This year, there were crowds bigger than ever eager to see the wide variety of food stalls and cultural stands setup. The new Ota mascot selected this August was on display near the entrance. There were vibrant events and performances from dozens of locations around the world including dragon dances from China, belly dancing from Egypt and cosplay events from Japan. Cosplay seemed to work very effectively for promoting Ota City and Haneda Airport. There were several areas where many cosplay artists came together and posed for photos. A performance by “Shikuramen,” a J-POP trip unit from Ota City really got the audience going. Other events included everything from local school children to internationally famous drum performances.

There was a large food court with a huge variety of local food selections; many tables laid in front of the main stage where visitors could eat and watch the many performances. In addition, there were many activity areas where visitors could purchase local products from varying countries like swiss cheese, colorful apparel from Mexico, kitchenware from Nigeria. Many of the stalls had games and activities setup for adults and children, as well as many places to try out the local alcoholic beverages.

There were also advertisements throughout the festival that promoted the history of Ota City and its growth as an entry point and all-access hub into Japan. Many of the areas around Ota City were promoted including hot springs, new hotels and restaurants and parks and lakes where local festivals were held. With the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020,  Haneda Airport’s international flights will steadily increase over the next few years.

This was an experience where both local and foreign visitors could enthusiastically try out different cultural experiences from Japan and around the world.

Getting there

One minute walk from Tenkūbashi station (Keikyu Electronic railway airport line / Tokyo monorail)

Free shuttle bus from east exit JR Omori/Kamata station

More information

  • Open area next to Tenkubashi station, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • Open from 10am- 4pm