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Guide to Where to Stay

Guide to Where to Stay

Ota City’s proximity to Haneda Airport ensures a wealth of accommodation in the area with plenty to choose from depending on your budget, length of stay, and preferences.

City Hotel, Business Hotel

From large to small scale, Ota City consists of numerous hotels especially around Haneda Airport, Kamata Station and Omori Station. They are usually affordable compared to those in the central metropolitan area and some of them even offer natural kuroyu hot springs.

Guest House / Budget

Guest Houses are recommended if you would like some deeper exposure to Japanese culture. As they are commonly located in local areas, you can experience the daily life of a Japanese by strolling around the shopping streets (shotengai) and visiting the local public baths (sento).

Private Lodging

For those who would like to actually experience staying at a Japanese house, try Ota City Certified Private Lodging. Stay in a non-tourist area, and try out some local shops and restaurants for a deeper understanding of Japan. Abide by the house rules and interact with your local neighbors for an unforgettable stay in Japan.

*In order to keep up with the demand for accommodation, Ota City has become the first city in Japan to standardize and certify private lodging. The Ota City Mayor has been approving private lodging that satisfies our requirements for safe and hygienic accommodation.

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