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Tsunami Guidance

Tsunami Guidance

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Predicted flooding from a tsunami in Ota

The maximum height of a tsunami in Ota occurring during high tide is predicted to be 1.58 meters T.P.* for an earthquake in northern Tokyo Bay, and 2.27 meters T.P. for a Genroku-type Kanto earthquake.

Ota is equipped with a levee and seawall built taller than the height of the tsunami, so no damage is predicted. However, certain areas of the ward are predicted to experience flooding if the flood gates are open.

Ward elevation signs

Tsunami Guidance | Ota City Guide

Elevation signs have been installed at ward elementary and junior high schools, ward bulletin boards along the coast and Tamagawa River, and temporary meeting places.

What to do when a tsunami occurs

If you are near a river or the coastline….

If a big earthquake occurs, do not wait for a tsunami warning or other announcement to be issued. Immediately leave the coast or river and evacuate to a tall, sturdy building.

If you are at home

Pay attention for tsunami warnings and other information (if necessary, quickly evacuate to a tall building or other structure).

If you are at school

Do not panic. Follow your teachers’ instructions and go with everyone to a high floor or other safe place.

If you are in a car

If you are near the coast, stop and exit your car and evacuate to high ground or a sturdy, tall building. Please refrain from trying to evacuate in your car.

Temporary Tsunami Evacuation Facilities

Tsunami Guidance | Ota City Guide

Certain places in Oda have been designated as “temporary tsunami evacuation facilities.” Located mainly on the shore and along the Tamagawa River, they can be used for temporary, emergency evacuations. Please refer to the “Tsunami Hazard Map” for a list of these facilities.

In Ota City…

Oda Tsunami Hazard Map Disaster Prevention Division
Information Diffusion Desk
Tel: 5744-1237
Fax: 5744-1519

Using the Tsunami Hazard Map, check Oda’s temporary tsunami evacuation facilities and predicted post-earthquake flooding!

Tsunami Guidance | Ota City Guide

*Distributed at the reception desk of the Disaster Prevention Division and its special branch offices. Also available for download from the ward’s home page.