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How to get to Haneda Airport

How to get to Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport in Tokyo has easy access to many much-loved spots in the city. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the many wonders around you thanks to the location in Ota. Here are some tips and time tables for you to consider while traveling.

Getting to the airport early

Any traveler knows that arriving early at the airport is a must—Haneda Airport is no exception. Arrive two hours early for international flights to ensure that you’ll be through security early enough to get to your gate leisurely.

And while you’re inside the checkpoint area of the airport, you can enjoy all manners of shops, restaurants, and other kiosks. Enjoy all that Haneda Airport has to offer at your pace.

Getting to Haneda

You can easily get to Haneda Airport from most areas of Tokyo within an hour (depending on traffic). Here are some options for reaching the airport:


Haneda Airport is directly serviced by the Keikyu Line and the Tokyo Monorail Line. The time schedule varies between major stations, so be sure to check in advance.

Station Name

Time Required

Narita Airport Station

About 1 hour 45 minutes

Maihama Station (Tokyo Disney Resort)

About 50 minutes

Shinjuku Station

About 50 minutes

Shibuya Station

About 45 minutes

Ueno Station

About 40 minutes

Asakusa Station

About 40 minutes

Tokyo Station

About 30 minutes

Shinagawa Station

About 15 minutes

Yokohama Station

About 30 minutes


If you find yourself leaving Japan with twice as much luggage as you arrived with, consider taking a direct bus or Airport Limousine Bus. You can avoid train station crowds and having to lug your baggage this way and that.


Overall Time (estimate)

Tokyo Station

Haneda Airport->Tokyo Station approx. 35 minutes

Shinjuku Station

Haneda Airport->Shinjuku Station West Exit approx. 35 minutes

Akasaka, Roppongi

Haneda Airport->Akasaka & Roppongi approx. 30 minutes–1 hour


Haneda Airport->Akihabara approx. 40 minutes


Haneda Airport-> Ginza approx. 35 minutes


Haneda Airport->Ikebukuro Station West Exit approx. 55 minutes

Haneda Airport->Hotel Metropolitan approx. 1 hour

Haneda Airport->Sunshine City Prince Hotel approx. 1 hour 20 minutes

Haneda Airport->Ikebukuro Sunshine Bus Terminal approx. 1 hour 25 minutes

Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT)

Haneda Airport->T-CAT approx. 30–40 minutes

Odaiba, Tokyo Big Sight & Ariake

Haneda Airport->New Tokyo Waterfront Subcenter approx. 20–40 minutes

Haneda Airport->Tokyo Big Sight approx. 20–40 minutes


Haneda Airport -> Shinagawa approx. 30 minutes


Taxis are a surefire way to make getting around easy but they can be expensive. Flat-rate taxis ensure that your fare stays fair. It’s simple to book: contact the taxi office and give them your pickup date, time, and location. The taxi will arrive on the designated date and deliver you safely to Haneda Airport with a fee that you agree upon before the driver even leaves.

Rental car

A rental car is a great way to get around Japan but it can be confusing when it comes time to pick up or return your vehicle. Haneda simplifies the process by having pick-up counters within the terminal building or, if parking is crowded, you will be taken to the branch office by shuttle bus.

Expect to find kiosks in the 1F Arrival Lobby area for Times Car Rental, Orix Rent-A-Car, Nissan Rent a Car, Nippon Rent-A-Car and Toyota Rent a Car.

When it comes time to return the car, simply drop it off at the nearest rental car office to the airport (after dropping off any passengers at the airport), and then the rental car company will shuttle the solo driver back to the terminal. 

Travel between terminals

Move easily between terminals 1, 2, and 3 via the free shuttle bus service, Keikyu Line/ Tokyo Monorail, Underground Passageway (T1-T2), or the transit ramp bus.

From Haneda to Narita Airport


If you want to get from Haneda Airport to Narita Airport as quickly as possible, the one-way trip will take you an hour and 55 minutes. This route is fully covered by the JR pass and involves two transfers. 

Take the Narita Express and then transfer to the Yamanote Line at Tokyo Station followed by the Tokyo Monorail at Hamamatsucho.

Limousine Shuttle Bus

If you’re looking for something a bit more direct and easier thanks to having no transfers, try the limousine shuttle bus. The ride takes 65 to 85 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs 3,200 yen. Buses depart every 20 minutes.
For the best experience, book a seat 72 hours in advance.

About Haneda

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport

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