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Ota City Free Wi-Fi

Ota City Free Wi-Fi

Ota City has now joined the ranks of locations in Japan that offer free Wi-Fi to travelers. The service covers multiple spots across the ward and is very easy to use.

To access Ota’s free Wi-Fi network, users will need a valid email address. Once visitors sign in to the service, they will have 60 free minutes of usage time. While the length of time is limited to one hour per sign-in, users can access the network as many times per day as necessary.

Ota City Free Wi-Fi

PDF Guide

Visitors can access Ota City’s Free Wi-Fi by following the steps below:

  1. When in the area of a hotspot, select Ota_City_Free_Wi-Fi from the list of available networks
  2. Open up a browser window and the Ota City Free Wi-Fi webpage will appear
  3. Choose the “Connecting to the internet button”
  4. The Ota City Official Travel Guide (website) will appear and you will be able to freely browse the internet

Most of Ota’s major train stations are Wi-Fi hotspots, including JR Omori and Kamata Stations as well as Keikyu Kamata Station on the Keikyu Line. Wi-Fi is also available in the Ota City Tourist Information Center and the Haneda Airport International Terminal Ota City Tourist Information Area. Around 112 individual shops in the Ota area are currently participating in the free Wi-Fi program, and travelers will find access points in certain tourist sites such as the Omori Nori Museum and the Ota Folk Museum.