A festival organized by local parties including the government, council, companies, and shopping streets. There will be performances including the awa-odori dance and the Okinawan eisaa dance, as well as traditional Japanese food stalls offering cotton candy and yakisoba.  Local shops will also set up stands to sell their specialties, including steak and Japanese dumplings (manju).

Date: Sunday October 21st 10:30am-2:30pm

Venue: Haginaka Park baseball field (3-26-46, Haginaka, Ota)

Getting there

7min walk from Keikyu Airport Line Otorii Station

Or take the Keikyu bus for Haneda Airport via Haginaka to “Haginaka-Koen mae”; 2 minutes walk


More information

  • Haginaka Park baseball field (3-26-46, Haginaka, Ota)
  • Sunday October 21st 10:30am-2:30pm