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Zoshiki Shopping District

The Zoshiki Shopping District leads from Zoshiki Station through a workaday shitamachi neighborhood in southern Ota City. Though lined with local businesses, it’s perhaps best known by tourists as the promenade leading to the Tire Park (Nishi-Rokugo Park). This unique playground, which uses recycled tires to form climbing obstacles such as a giant Godzilla and a rocket ship, is hit with visitors of all ages. The park also boasts swings, slides, and plenty of sand in which to play.

However, those willing to linger a little in the arcade may stumble across a few hidden surprises. Stop by Takezawa Shoten for some fresh from the grill yakitori (chicken skewers). The tiny shop, little more than an open-front kitchen, has been featured on local television and their chicken and leek skewers are particularly tasty. Zoshiki Shopping District is sometimes known as “yakitori alley” so why not do your own tasting tour up and down the street?

For a sweeter treat, grab a traditional Japanese dessert from the nearby wagashi store, where chief ingredients range from pounded rice to sweet red bean filling. Or, for a bit of international flavor, pay a visit to the arcade’s pizzeria or kebab shop.

General information


Zoshiki is just a two-minute train ride from Keikyu Kamata Station, the main hub of southern Ota City and a short ride from Haneda Airport.