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Welcome to Henn na Hotel Haneda – The Hotel of the Future

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Upon walking through the doors at Henn na Hotel Haneda in Ota City it appears you have just walked onto the set of Jurassic Park. The dimly lit lobby is designed with a rainforest theme including projection lights and sound effects to match. The real surprise is at the front desk where you are greeted in four languages by a robot dinosaur and an android.

Welcome to Henn na Hotel Haneda – The Hotel of the Future

Welcome to Henn na Hotel, a hotel run by robots. The word “henn” in Japanese has a double meaning, one being “strange” but also “change” which is part of the hotel’s concept of evolution as a hotel of the future by creating efficiency through its robotic staff and by introducing state-of-the-art technology throughout. Checking-in couldn’t be any easier, from 3:00 PM you can check-in at the front desk with the help of robots who can speak Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. The touch panel devices also in the four languages can pull up your reservation by entering your name and payment can be made at the machine nearby. Once your payment has been made you will receive your room key from the same machine and you’re ready to go. Don’t worry though if you run into trouble as you can always get one of the real human staff to come out with a simple call from the front desk phone.

The hotel is very modern and clean, each room fitted with devices that control the large flat-screen TV or 80-inch projector display (depending on the room), the air conditioner/heating unit, and the lights. There is also a complimentary smartphone for each room that can be used outside as you tour the city during your stay. There is a selection of room types that can accommodate the solo traveler and up to four people to a room with a semi-double room starting at around 8,500 JPY per night.  

The hotel also offers a breakfast buffet that you can get as early as 5:30 AM.  It is their “Early Bird Service” a convenience for those who have early morning flights out of the city.

Welcome to Henn na Hotel Haneda – The Hotel of the Future

With this newest addition of the Henn na Hotel Haneda, it makes a total of nine of the groups hotels around Japan. The Haneda location is perfect for those flying in and out of Haneda Airport for business or pleasure. The hotel even offers a free airport shuttle for guests to get to and from Haneda. Overall, if staying at Henn na Hotel you’re in for a unique and exciting experience.

General information

WiFi Available

Henn na Hotel is a six-minute walk from Otorii Station off the Keikyu Line.