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Vegetable Café Abura-age

Vegetable Café Abura-age

Certified Ota Welcome Shop

Diners looking for a healthy meal in the Haneda area will be well-served by stopping in at Vegetable Café Abura-age. The spacious eatery, a short walk from Anamoriinari Station, has a menu that focuses on vegan, macrobiotic cuisine. Farm-fresh vegetables and mostly organic ingredients make up the bulk of the menu, though specific offerings change daily based on what’s in season. One-plate lunches and pasta and rice dishes provide fillings meals at affordable prices – most dishes fall between ¥850 and ¥1100.

Yuri Matsuda, the café’s owner, is a vegan herself, though she welcomes carnivores and omnivores to her table with equal enthusiasm. Her own eating habits were influenced by her mother’s bout with cancer, an incident that drastically changed how she and how family viewed the food they consumed. Aiming to learn more about how best to nourish herself and others, Matsuda took cooking lessons at a vegetarian-focused culinary school in Hiro-o before opening her first restaurant in the Yanaka neighborhood. She moved the eatery to the Ota area six years ago, to be closer to both family members and the farmers from whom she sources her produce. Matsuda and a friend even have their own parcel of land in Chigasaki, which provides vegetables and rice for the café’s menus.

Diners are free to drop by any day of the week except for Mondays and Tuesdays for lunch, but dinners are arranged on a reservation-only basis. It’s worth arranging an evening meal, however, as Matsuda will prepare a full course of vegan-friendly plates for a bargain price of ¥2650. Patrons needn’t be afraid to ask for any sort of customization. Matsuda is happy to accommodate customers with food allergies or intolerances and has several long-standing customers with specific requests. With local artwork often exhibited on the walls and local bands invited to play, Vegetable Café Abura-age is the perfect place in Ota City to relax and unwind, enjoying the wholesome food and the welcoming atmosphere. Vegetable Café Abura-age is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:30 am-2:30 pm and for dinner by reservation only.

General information

Opening Hours Wednesday to Sunday, from 11:30am-2:30pm and for dinner by reservation only

Short walk from Anamoriinari Station.