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Tokyo International Music Festival 2021

Early September

This event has been cancelled for 2021.


Following the extension of Japan's State of Emergency (due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic) and in coordination with the event organizers, it has been decided to cancel Tokyo International Music Festival 2021 this autumn. The event was scheduled to be held from Sept 6th–7th. Details here.


Date and time:

  • 9/6/2021 (Monday) Doors open: 1:30pm Start: 2:00pm
                                      Doors open: 6:00pm Start: 6:30pm
  • 9/7/2021 (Tuesday) Doors open: 3:45pm Start: 4:45pm

The Tokyo International Music Festival aims to promote music and pass on musical culture to the next generation, while also deepening the goodwill and friendship between young people through music, transcending the boundaries of culture, race, and religion.

This year, top-class Japanese and international musicians from a variety of genres will gather in fall 2021 for Tokyo International Music Festival, the world’s first event to spread the wonder of music culture in a new way to the next generation, Japan, and the world.

Check the Tokyo International Music Festival website for details.

  • Memorial Stage

    Memorial Stage

  • Hatano Naohiko & The Wind Wave

    Hatano Naohiko & The Wind Wave

  • Jazz Marathon

    Jazz Marathon

  • General information

    Dates Early September: This event has been cancelled for 2021
    Venue Aplico Main Hall