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The First Sunrise of the Year in Ota City

The First Sunrise of the Year in Ota City

During the Japanese New Year period (usually from Jan 1 to 7), many Japanese enjoy traditional New Year customs, such as eating New Year dishes with family and relatives and paying their first visit of the year to temples or shrines to pray for happiness and health. On the morning of New Year’s Day, there’s a tradition of praying to the “First Sunrise” (the sun that rises on New Year’s Day) for the year’s health and happiness. In Ota-ku, the following two places are popular spots for seeing the beautiful first sunrise of the year.

  • The promenade from Bentenbashi to Gojukkenbana 

    Nothing blocks your view in the area where the Ebitori River and Tama River join, and you can see the first sunrise.

General information


5 to 7-minute walk from “Tenkubashi” Station of Tokyo Monorail, Keikyu Airport Line