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Tamagawadai Park Kofun (Tumulus) Exhibition Room

A huge tomb called “Kofun (tumulus)” that was made from the 4th to the 7th century has been reproduced as a life-size replica.

This is a part of the back circular part of the large keyhole-shaped tomb mound, which has a horizontal stone chamber that was built in the 6th century in the Kanto region.

The Kofun has been reproduced in the original shape that was built by the ancient people, so it can be compared to the current Kofun that is preserved in Tamagawadai Park. Please look at it as if you became an ancient person.

General information

Admission Free
Opening Hours 9:00–16:30 (last entry: 16:00)
Closed Closed Mondays except February and March (Tuesday the day after Monday, if Monday is a holiday), New Year holidays (12/28–1/4)

1-minute walk from Tamagawa Station on the Tokyu Tamagawa Line