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Studio Hougaku Academy

Certified Ota Welcome Shop

Channel your inner percussionist and try your hand at a taiko (Japanese drumming) class at Kamata’s Studio Hougaku Academy.

The academy offers a range of class levels, from beginner to advanced, all of which are taught by professional taiko players. The academy even welcomes children over the age of 3, making a taiko experience the perfect family activity.

All classes begin with a thorough stretching session, after which participants are divided by skill level. Those with advanced abilities also have the option of booking a private lesson. The standard 90-minute experience covers a variety of rhythms and percussive sets, with a short rest period built into the active portion of the workshop. Despite the fact that classes are conducted almost entirely in Japanese, the instructors are more than welcoming to visitors and work closely with them to teach basic techniques and proper posture. Beginners will start with the simplest drum strikes before working up to a variety of increasingly complicated rhythms based on the student’s abilities. Be sure to stretch well – taiko is definitely a workout for the arms!

Visitors can participate in a one-time trial lesson for only ¥2160. Drumsticks are provided as part of the class fee, but participants are required to bring a comfortable set of clothes (ie T-shirt and loose pants) as well as a pair of rubber-soled shoes that have never been worn outdoors. A changing area is provided on-site.

General information

Admission Trial lesson from 2160 yen

Studio Hougaku Academy is located just a short walk from the east exit of JR Kamata Station on the Keihin-Tohoku Line. Excellent directions to the studio, as well as a detailed class schedule, can be found on the academy’s English website.