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Shin Nomigawa-Yu

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Experience real Japanese bathing culture by heading to one of the many sento bathhouses in Ota City, Tokyo. Shin Nomigawa-yu is a building-type sento located in a residential area.

Millions of tourists visit Japan to bathe in an onsen but few dare to venture into the world of sento baths. Sento are bathhouses mostly catered to local communities. While onsen baths range from basic to luxurious, sento are no-frills, simple bathhouses that locals visit to relax after a hard day’s work.

You can identify one by the ‘ゆ’ character that’s usually displayed at the entrance. Its kanji counterpart ‘湯’ literally translates to ‘hot water’, which is a staple at every bathhouse.

Renovated in October 2019, Shin Nomigawa-yu reopened to provide a clean, comfortable experience for both regulars and first-time bathers. Like in all sento, there are separate bathing and changing areas for male and female visitors. There are English sento-bathing guides in the facility, so there’s no need to worry about the language barrier.

Shin Nomigawa-yu has a variety of different baths: artificial carbonated bath, indoor heated jet massage baths, electric massaging baths (electromagnetic waves), an 18C cold water bath, and even a dry sauna. It is also one of the few sento within Ota City that contains a semi-outdoor bath. Also you can use dry sauna for 200 yen.

Shin Nomigawa-Yu

Shin Nomigawa-yu provides free soap in the shower areas. The multiple vending machines also sell towels and amenities should you need any. Make sure to wash before entering the baths. After enjoying your bath, you can grab a beer, milk, or even ice cream from the vending machines in the lobby.

Although a little out of the way, those looking for a truly local experience should definitely try Shin Nomigawa-yu. There are also more than 30 other sento in Ota City, some of which contain Ota’s famous “kuroyu” black hot spring water. If you’re arriving at Haneda Airport, Ota is a nice pit stop along the way to downtown Tokyo.

General information

Admission Adult: 480 yen
Children (6–12yo) 180 yen
Children (<6yo) 80 yen
Opening Hours 11:00–24:00 (Mon–Sat)
6:00–10:00, 15:00–24:00 (Sun)
Closed Fridays

5-minute walk from Keikyu Bus Kitakoujiya stop

15-minute walk from Keikyu Kamata Station

13-minute walk from Keikyu Otorii Station