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Senzokuike Pond

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Senzoku-ike is located in Northern Ota City, six stops from Ikegami Station. The area is named after the famous Buddhist priest Nichiren Shonin who washed his feet here on his way to Ikegami Temple. Senzoku literally means “washing your feet” which is exactly what Nichiren Shonin and many priests after him did at the large pond located here.

Senzoku-Ike (Pond)

Senzoku-Ike pond is famous for its scenic views and is a spiritual power spot where the natural energy from local vegetation is abundant. The park and pond are an ideal place for both walking and boating. There are paths around the water that will take you past small temples and the area where priests used to rest on their pilgrimage to Ikegami Honmonji Temple. Much of the path is covered in shade and trees and the pond can be circumvented fairly quickly taking a path approximately one and a half kilometers in length.

Small boats and swan boats can both be rented nearby the station side of the pond for those interested in spending 30 minutes or an hour on the water.

Senzoku-Ike Park

The park area surrounds the pond and includes wooden paths that cross over the water and a wide variety of trees and vegetation. There are many spots to stop for a picnic and during certain seasons and holidays, there are several food stands and activities to liven up the walk.

The graves of Katsu Kaishu and his wife who wanted to be buried with a view facing Mount Fuji. Katsu Kaishu was commander of the Tokugawa Navy and is famous for his role in the surrender of Edo.

Senzokuhachiman Shrine

The small shrine here is located on the opposite side of the pond from the station on a small hill. The shrine is surrounded by nature and a few statues in the shape of large horses. There are interesting events held in the shrine during festivals such as the Edo-Sato-Kagura (Japanese holy Shintoism dance).

General information

Opening Hours Open year-round

Senzokuike is located right across the street from Senzokuike Station on the Tokyu Ikegami line. The Tokyu Ikegami line connects to the Yamanote line at Gotanda Station.