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A refined cafe, connecting locals with other folks. 

The appeal of this shop combines the warmth of people with a timeless, beloved local flavor. Senrokuya is nestled just around the corner from Umeyashiki Station on the Keikyu Main Line, on the Umemori Platform. It opened in April 2014 and is a cafe run by Area Management, a real estate company. This simple and warm cafe offers an enjoyably varied menu. They feature monthly soup potage and meal specials, as well as a wide selection of drinks. Whether it’s a family outing or workaholics with their laptops, customers can use the space to their needs.

Especially recommended from their carefully selected menu is the Fukudaya Original Cream Monaka and their homemade lemonade. 

The Fukudaya Original Cream Monaka

Senrokuya - Ota City Official Travel Guide

Senrokuya has added this delicious treat to their menu. The Fukudaya Original Cream Monaka is a long-time favorite from the local historic confectionery shop, Fukudaya, made using their ice cream recipe and machinery. 

Originally, it was owned by Fukudaya. However, when the Senrokuya staff heard that Fukudaya was closing, they realized it was their responsibility to preserve such a flavor. It was decided they’d keep on the tradition. 

Ice cream is tightly sandwiched within the monaka wafer. While the treat does have a bit of heft, it boasts an addicting flavor. The ice cream is only moderately sweet, with a refreshing and smooth mouthfeel. 

Homemade Lemonade

Senrokuya - Ota City Official Travel Guide

In addition to the cream monaka, Senrokuya’s line-up includes their overwhelmingly popular homemade lemonade. 

This lemonade is made with significant care. The skin is completely peeled from the organic, pesticide-free lemons, sourced from all over the country. Because of this preparation process, the lemonade has very little bitterness, offering more of the lemon’s natural sourness and sweetness. There’s something a bit nostalgic about this gentle flavor.

Senrokuya - Ota City Official Travel Guide

The menu doesn’t only offer lemonade with these carefully sourced lemons. They also offer a creamy soup curry with notes of the gentle sourness of lemons in their “Chicken Curry with Japan-made Lemon Cream”. This extraordinary dish is lovely to look at, with its rounds of lemon slices, but also delicious.

A big appeal of Senrokuya is their ample drink menu.

Their insta-perfect “cream soda” has a clear sweetness that doesn’t falter from the carbonation. They boast flavors other nearby cafes cannot with coffee made using their manual espresso machine.

Senrokuya - Ota City Official Travel Guide

Senrokuya says they want to be a place of refreshment for many different types of customers. They value their place in their community. They want locals and nearby workers to be able to take a quick breather, whether it’s from their jobs or from housework.

Senrokuya wants to be a cafe for all types of use for those who wish to visit. They’ve prepared an always-family-friendly atmosphere. They want to grow close to their varied customers while enjoying the casual conversation. Consider visiting this cafe with a warm and cozy ambiance to try their traditional and unique menu.

General information

Opening Hours 11:00–18:00
Closed Mondays

Approx. 1 minute from Umeyashiki Station on the Keihin-Kyuko Line, under the overpass.