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See Tamagawadai Park’s Hydrangeas at their Best

See Tamagawadai Park’s Hydrangeas at their Best

30 Nov -0001, 12:00 am

Just one minute’s walk from Tamagawa station lies Tamagawadai Park, which is famous for its vast hydrangea garden. Drift through about 3,000 hydrangea bushes of seven distinct and different varieties, and surround yourself in the beauty of varying shades of purple, blue, pink and white. Every year, people come in droves to witness the beauty of these blossoms, which are the highlight of the area, as they brighten up the gloomy skies of the rainy season.

This year, the best time to see the hydrangeas will be mid-June, when they are at their peak.

General information

Dates 30 Nov -0001, 12:00 am
Venue Tamagawadai Park

1 minute walk from Tamagawa station (Tokyu Tamagawa and Tokyu Toyoko lines)