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Sannou Soudou Memorial Hall

Tokuhomi Soho issued Japan’s first general magazine “Kokumin no Tomo (The Nation’s Friend)”, then started the “Kokumin Shinbun.” Soho’s masterpiece “Kinsei Nippon Kokumin Shi (History of the Japanese People in Modern Times)” was started in 1918 when he was 56, then completed in 1952 at the age of 90. More than half of the 100 volumes were written during his time in Omori Sanno.

Soho moved to this land in 1924, and until he moved to Atami Izusan in 1943, he referred to the place as Sannou Soudou. Sannou Soudou Memorial Hall was opened in April 1988 after Ota City took over the former residence of Soho from Shizuoka Shimbun in 1986.

General information

Admission Free
Opening Hours 9:00–16:30 (last entry: 16:00)
Closed Closed New Year holidays (12/29–1/3) and Special holidays

15-minute walk from the west exit of Omori Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line