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Ota City Tourist Information Center

The Ota City Tourist Information Center is the perfect place to start your journey in Japan. We offer multilingual travel information, Ota City souvenirs, and experiences on Japanese culture.

We provide multilingual maps, pamphlets, and travel information centered on Ota City and neighboring areas. Please ask our resident multilingual staff for recommendations on places to visit.

One of the best features of the Ota City Tourist Information Center is the variety of Japanese experiences that you can attend on the spot. In addition to the free kimono dressing and origami workshops that you can attend any time, you can also experience a variety of Japanese culture, such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement, for a fee. For the fee-based hands-on classes, advance reservations are required through the official website of the Ota City Tourism Information Center.

We also have a variety of souvenirs made in Ota City, from sweets to rice offerings. Please feel free to stop by.

General information

WiFi Available

The Ota City TIC is located just outside the gates of Keikyu Kamata Station on the Keikyu Line. The station can be reached in eleven minutes from Haneda Airport on a Keikyu express train or in eight minutes from Shinagawa Station on an express train (slightly longer on the local line).