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Book Café Utsuki: Haneda Pudding

Certified Ota Welcome Shop

The Haneda book cafe Utsuki is a great place to make a first stop at when on the way to the Anamori Inari Shrine, as it is right in front of the station where you will get off from the Keikyu- or Keikyu-Kuko line. Menus are both in Japanese and English, and there is a wide variety of light Japanese and Western dishes. For early visitors, there are several of breakfast sets which includes a cup of coffee, tea, or juice. Need a place to sit indoors while it is raining outside? Or do you simply need to need a place to relax and take a break for a bit? Just pick one of the many books they have to offer and enjoy reading, along with some soft classical or bossa nova music in the background. Though you can easily pass quite some time here, the two big clocks on the wall will tell exactly when you will need to start rushing to catch your train.

General information

Opening Hours 10:00–22:00, 11:00–19:00(Holidays)
Closed Sundays

Get off at Anamoriinari Station and you will find the bookshop right in front of the station.