This industrial town, though small, is filled with little surprises and exhibits a glimpse into the daily lives of Japanese. This bike route boasts scenic bridge spots practically unexplored by tourists.

Jonanjima Seaside Park

Upon arrival, groups of locals are spotted at the rental camping areas enjoying themselves. BBQ gatherings can be easily held here as equipment is available for advance rental just at the entrance of the park. For aviation lovers, Jonanjima Seaside Park is one of best places in Japan to enjoy a simple moment with planes arriving to Haneda airport. There are many picturesque spots to take photos of the seaside with the planes.


Keihin-Jima Tsubasa Park

Another 20 min bike ride would bring you to Keihin-Jima Tsubasa Park. In the middle of a small industrial island, this park is a lot closer to the landing strip, compared to Jonanjima Seaside Park. It provides a quiet spot for bikes to relax on the fields for a short picnic break.


Anamoriinari-jinja Shrine

For the last leg of the route, it takes 35 minutes to reach the Anamoriinari-jinja Shrine. Anamoriinari-jinja is known as a shrine for fertility, rice, tea and sake, agriculture and industry,  general prosperity and worldly success. At every corner of the shrine, tiny fox figurines can be spotted as designated praying spots.


Route map