Kojiya Shopping District

This is a shopping district in front of Kojiya Station on the Keikyu Airport Line. There are various event hosted at the shopping district, such as the Summer Awa Odori (dance) Festival. “Kojiya Market” is held on Friday and Saturday of the fourth week of the month, bringing numerous shoppers to the area. Getting [...]

Zoshiki Shopping District

The Zoshiki Shopping District leads from Zoshiki Station through a workaday shitamachi neighborhood in southern Ota Ward. Though lined with local businesses, it’s perhaps best known by tourists as the promenade leading to the Tire Park (Nishi-Rokugo Park). This unique playground, which uses recycled tires to form climbing obstacles such as a giant Godzilla and [...]

Umeyashiki Shopping District

It is a shopping district with about 140 stores that stretches for the total length of 555m from Umeyashiki Station on the Keikyu Main Line. Customers can browse in a parade of stores ranging from perishables, prepared foods, grocers, and retro cafes. The area was designated as the top model shopping district in Tokyo in [...]

Mihara Street

In years past, one of the most important roads in Japan was the Old Tokaido, a 320-mile byway that linked the Imperial city of Kyoto with the shogun’s city of Edo (present-day Tokyo). While cars and rapid trains now run most of the route, you can still walk a portion of the historical highway in [...]

Haneda Airport International Terminal

Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal grand opened in October 2010, providing the greater metropolitan area a primary international terminal.  In 2014, it opened up to more flights, and now offers nonstop services to 29 airports in 26 cities worldwide, allowing the airport to attract many more passengers every year. The terminal houses most of the major [...]