A store offering soft chiffon cakes made using delicious eggs, as well as exceptional hand-drip coffee. The cook uses full-flavored eggs, wheat flour from Japan, and other ingredients selected with care. Prepared without baking powder, the cakes inflate thanks to the power of the eggs! These chiffon cakes are usually available in 6 flavors [...]

Araiya Tofu Store

The store was founded in the 3rd year of the Showa period, and has been making high quality, delicious tofu ever since. By using high quality, domestically grown soy beans, the products are given a special sweetness and flavor. Whilst of course having favorites such as momen, oboro, and zaru tofu, they also sell [...]


The most popular dish is an extravagant "Tiramisu you'll want to eat again" handmade by the chef, who studied authentic Italian cooking at a well-known restaurant in Rome.

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