Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park

This famous bird watching location, just a stone's throw from Haneda airport, is adjacent to Ota market. You can observe many kinds of wild birds in this 250 thousand square meters park. They also offer rental binoculars for free. Getting there 15 minutes' walk from Ryutsu Center Station on the Tokyo Monorail. More [...]

Tokyo Jonan Island Seaside Park

A seaside park that's perfect for families! Located close to Haneda Airport, this park has a campground, an artificial beach, a dog run and more, making it an attractive destination for families on the weekend. The grounds also offer a view of the the airplanes arriving and departing from nearby Haneda Airport. Getting there [...]

Tama River

The Tama River stretches from the foothills of Yamanashi Prefecture to the waters of Tokyo Bay in Ota Ward. The final section of the river, which marks the boundary between Ota and Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture, is a tranquil path perfect for enjoying outdoor pursuits. Rent a bicycle and ride along the flat trail that [...]

Omori Furusato Hamabe Park

White sand beaches and easy strolling paths are just two of the top features of this bayside park not far from the Heiwajima train station. The park borders Tokyo Bay, an historically important nori (seaweed) harvesting area in the Edo Period (1600-1868). While residents of that era once enjoyed unobstructed views across the water, today’s [...]

Senzokuike Pond

Senzoku-ike is located in Northern Ota Ward, six stops from Ikegami Station. The area is named after the famous Buddhist priest Nichiren Shonin who washed his feet here on his way to Ikegami Temple. Senzoku literally means “washing your feet” which is exactly what Nichiren Shonin and many priests after him did at the large [...]