“Shunsho-no-Hibiki” A Spring Evening Concert of Traditional Japanese Music


The Shunsho-no- Hibiki Concert was started in 1995 in order to commemorate the completion of the Iketsukihashi Bridge, a triple-arched bridge built on the west bank of Senzokuike Pond, and featured a performance from the great fue master Sanzaemon Takara, a Living National Treasure. At the end of March this year, the bridge finished undergoing its first reconstruction [...]

Ota City – A Delight for All the Senses

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Discover a Hidden Side to Tokyo Ota city is packed with fun experiences, places and great food and, once you visit, you’ll meet great people too. If you want to imagine how you could spend your time in Ota city, then these 1-minute videos will give you some great ideas. Sensory Exploration If you want [...]

Ota City Photo Contest Result


We are proud to announce the winners of our recent Ota City Photo Contest hosted by JapanTravel between February and March 2016

Cherry Blossoms in Ota City

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Between March and May each year is the season of Hanami, literally "flower viewing". This is the tradition of visiting and admiring the beauty of seasonal flowers, namely cherry and plum blossoms. From casual picnics to fairly large parties, drinks and meals are enjoyed under the trees, as people flock to the cherry blossom hotspots [...]

Ota City launches Certified Private Lodging


Several websites now offer B&B booking services for foreign tourists, however some of these registered lodgings are not legally permitted to be rented out and the responsibilities of the owner are either vague or not well addressed.

New Tourist Hotspot Only 8 Minutes From Haneda Airport!


The new Ota City Tourist Information Center at the Keikyu Kamata Station will open its doors on December 11. Gather information on top tourist destination in the area, best restaurants in town, and updated information on events and festivals. A shop to buy Ota City crafts and sweets will also be available. Why not join some of the free [...]