Ota Cherry Blossom Itinerary

Springtime is arguably Japan’s most beautiful season, with the weeks between late March and early April marked by the blooming of Japan’s famous cherry blossoms. Sakura season, while a stunning time to be in Japan, also brings with it significant crowds, all desperate to enjoy the fleeting beauty of the pink-petaled flowers.  While Tokyo [...]

Rainy Day in Ota City

June and July mark Japan’s rainy season, a period of four to six weeks of wet weather before the summer humidity sets on. While some people shun Tokyo’s sites due to the less-than-favorable conditions, there’s no reasons why a few raindrops should keep visitors from having an enjoyable day in Ota Ward. 1. Showa [...]

Itinerary for Transit Passengers

Thanks to its location right on the edge of Tokyo, passengers with a layover at Haneda International Airport have plenty of opportunities to get a taste of Japan on their travels. Ota Ward’s attractions are immediately accessible from the airport, and travelers can enjoy everything from shrines to special cultural programs in their short [...]

Ota City Itinerary for Foodies

Japan is a paradise for food lovers, with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and a dedication to both its washoku heritage and culinary innovation. Every region and even individual towns boast specialty products or foods that differ from anywhere else in the nation. Tokyo itself may seem rather uniform, but the city of Ota [...]