What is Ota City certified private lodging?

What is Ota City certified private lodging "Ota District National Strategic Special Zone for Foreign Guest Boarding Facility Management Business"? Ota City is a "Strategic Special Zone for Foreign Guest Boarding Facility Management Business" which provides a certified private lodging service for foreign guests to stay in suitable facilities within the National Strategic Special [...]

Ota in all Seasons

With its natural beauty and its unique festivals, Tokyo’s Ota Ward is the perfect destination no matter the time of year. Each season hosts a variety of events that will delight both visitors and residents alike. Spring Sakura (cherry blossoms) have long been the herald of spring in Japan and the banks of the Tama [...]

Cherry Blossoms in Ota City – Feature

Plan your perfect trip this spring with these recommended sakura sightseeing spots Between March and May each year is the season of Hanami, literally “flower viewing”. This is the tradition of visiting and admiring the beauty of seasonal flowers, namely cherry and plum blossoms. From casual picnics to fairly large parties, drinks and meals are enjoyed [...]

Where to find info on Ota City

In addition to our official Ota Ward website, information on attractions and events in Ota Ward, reputable local restaurants and sweets shops, and so on can be found at the following locations. Feel free to stop by anytime. 1. Ota City Tourist Information Center This sightseeing hub that connects visitors with the city and [...]

HANEDA ⇔ OTA Enjoy Program

How about traveling through Haneda Airport the next time you visit Japan? Access to central Tokyo is very convenient from Haneda Airport and the surrounding area has many shopping streets and public baths allowing you to get a taste of the real Japanese lifestyle. When you check out of your hotel, and you still have a few remaining [...]

Ota City Free Wi-Fi

In anticipation of the influx of visitors arriving in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics, Ota City has now joined the ranks of locations in Japan that offer free Wi-Fi to travelers. The service covers multiple spots across the ward and is very easy to use. To access Ota’s free Wi-Fi network, users will need a [...]

Guide to Where to Stay

Ota City’s proximity to Haneda Airport ensures a wealth of accommodation in the area with plenty to choose from depending on your budget, length of stay, and preferences. City Hotel, Business Hotel From large to small scale, Ota City consists of numerous hotels especially around Haneda Airport, Kamata Station and Omori Station. They are usually [...]