How to Enjoy New Year’s in Ota City

In the calm, early morning darkness, many Japanese wait to see the sunrise. It is January 1st, and it is the first sunrise of the year. Praying to the first sunrise of the year for health and happiness is just one of the interesting traditions of the Japanese New Year, the Shōgatsu. This important holiday [...]

Ota City – A Delight for All the Senses

Discover a Hidden Side to Tokyo Ota city is packed with fun experiences, places and great food and, once you visit, you’ll meet great people too. If you want to imagine how you could spend your time in Ota city, then these 1-minute videos will give you some great ideas. Sensory Exploration If you want [...]

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Summer in Ota City

“Hot town, summer in the city … “. The words to a well-known American classic rock song could have been written specifically about Tokyo in the warmer months. While summer in Japan is often a sweltering affair, there are still plenty of places you can go to either escape or enjoy the weather. Omori Furusato [...]