Boulangerie Mimolette


We serve "Agepan" (fried bread), which is originally from Ota Ward. We also serve "Bobsled Agepan" that was made to support the bobsled team in downtown, and "Nori Cheese Agepan" which showcases the seaweed from Ota Ward. Customers can eat them right there as they are being cooked. Getting there 10-minute [...]



We serve various side dishes that we cook from the heart, using dashi stock that takes one day to prepare. We do not use any artificial seasoning. Recently we celebrated 100 years of business. Getting there 5-minutes walk from "Umeyashiki" station on Keikyu Line More information [...]

Patisserie Petit Eden


The Ohmori Kaizuka Madeleine, which uses five Japanese ingredients (Pumpkin, Black Sesame Seeds, Matcha, Brown Sugar, and Honey) is popular for its moist texture and elegant sweetness. Getting there 8-minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku Line Omori Station 7 minutes on foot from Omori Kaigan station on Keikyu Line More [...]

Japanese Cuisine Wakyo


Japanese Cuisine Wakyo is located within 15 minutes distance from Haneda Airport, either by train or taxi. It is the only authentic Japanese food restaurant in the area. Enjoy the carefully selected ingredients from Tsukiji Market along with Japanese Sake and Wine. Price range: Lunch 6,000 Yen - 8,000 Yen, Dinner 10,000 Yen - 15,000 [...]

Book Café Utsuki: Haneda Pudding

Café, Food|

The Haneda book cafe Utsuki is a great place to make a first stop at when on the way to the Anamori Inari Shrine, as it is right in front of the station where you will get off from the Keikyu- or Keikyu-Kuko line.

Ramen Kinmokusei

Food, Ramen|

This restaurant uses no chemical seasonings in their ramen, so you can enjoy a traditional Japanese soup.

Kerala No Kaze Ⅱ

Food, Indian|

Food that already fits Japanese tastes without being modified.

Seafood Gyosaiya Nakamura


The comfortable interior is made of plain wood, and the Japanese cuisine born from the head chef's blade has a taste only an expert well-versed in the proper ingredients can achieve.

Japanese Confectionery Daikoku-ya

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Wagashi (Japanese sweets) that allow you to enjoy the four seasons of Japan with your eyes and experience them through taste.

Chinese Cuisine – Shinshin Ijaren

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The menu features Chinese and English, as well as photos.