Taiyaki Yuukichi Maru


The "Taiyaki San Kyoudai" (The 3 Taiyaki Brothers) is a popular dessert that uses plenty of homemade sweet red bean paste made from Hokkaido Azuki Beans. The Oldest Brother Taiyaki is 26 cm for 600 Yen, the Middle is 16 cm for 250 Yen, and Youngest is 13 cm for 140 Yen. Bring the Oldest [...]

Coffee House Rouen

Café, Food|

Established in 1970. Enjoy the taste of a traditional Japanese Coffee House with a classic atmosphere, aroma, and taste that still remains to this day. Getting there 5-minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku Line "Ōmori" east exit More information Omori Kita 1-36-2 03-3761-6077 Weekdays [...]

Watanabe’s Confectionary


Their original wagashi (Japanese sweets) is based on Magome Bunshi Mura, and is gaining popularity. The following sweets were created here and are handmade every day: "Bunshimura Manju" is made with strained sweet red beans, "Magome Sanzun Ninjin Manju" is made of carrot, and "Magome no Tsuki" has mashed, sweet red bean sandwiched between slices [...]

Mochi Jin


The classic "Abekawa Mochi" has been served to people that travel the old Tokaido Road since 1716. Enjoy the soft mochi with aromatic soy bean flour and brown sugar syrup. Getting there 5-minutes walk from Keikyu Line Heiwajima station More information Omori Higashi 1-4-3 03-3761-6196 [...]

Maison de Petit Four


This store was opened in 1990 as the first store in Japan specialized in baked confectionery. We now serve a variety of products such as sweets, sugar confectionery, and chocolate. We specialize in the French style of confectionery, and make both traditional and classic sweets. Getting there 12-minute walk from Toei [...]

Kansho Ikoma


The store is located in the same place that Kawase Hasui created his famous artwork, "Moon at Magome". The woodblock print is also displayed inside the store. In Shin Magomebashi, which is nearby, there is a place where Kawase Hasui's porcelain panel paintings are exhibited. Getting there 3-minute walk from the [...]

The Nikudon Shop


We have an English menu. Tell us that you saw Ota Ward's official tourist website and we will serve you complimentary refills of rice and egg soup. Getting there 2-minute walk from Kamata Station on JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Tokyu Ikegami Line, and Tokyu Tama River Line. More information [...]

Marshmallow Monster


There is a variety of cute and tasty cakes, including one with Mashmon, the store's original mascot. Requires a reservation of 3 days in advance for a whole birthday cake, and a week in advance for a cake with an illustration. Getting there 7-minute walk from Ōmorimachi station on Keikyu Line [...]

Meat Shop Yuuki


Serves a homemade roasted pork fillet from a brand-named pork known as the "Gem of Ota". The roasted pork is cooked slowly for 3 hours and tastes good on Ramen, or for eating as you take a walk. Getting there 6-minute walk from Umeyashiki station on Keikyu Line More information [...]

Yutaka Gourmet

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A restaurant where you can fully enjoy sea eel tempura and other locally caught fish. Fresh ingredients are key to what makes the food taste great. Getting there 4-minutes walk from Keikyu Airport Line "Anamori-Inarai" station More information Haneda 4-22-9 03-3741-2802 Lunch: 11:30-13:30 Dinner: [...]