Taiyaki Yuukichi Maru

The "Taiyaki San Kyoudai" (The 3 Taiyaki Brothers) is a popular dessert that uses plenty of homemade sweet red bean paste made from Hokkaido Azuki Beans. The Oldest Brother Taiyaki is 26 cm for 600 Yen, the Middle is 16 cm for 250 Yen, and Youngest is 13 cm for 140 Yen. Bring the Oldest [...]

Coffee House Rouen

Established in 1970. Enjoy the taste of a traditional Japanese Coffee House with a classic atmosphere, aroma, and taste that still remains to this day. Getting there 5-minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku Line "Ōmori" east exit More information Omori Kita 1-36-2 03-3761-6077 Weekdays 7:00-20:00, [...]