Chinese Cuisine – Shinshin Ijaren

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The menu features Chinese and English, as well as photos.

Hong Kong Cuisine – Lipstick

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Enjoy some genuine Hong Kong cuisine from the Owner-Chef, Oh, who was the main chef at the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel. A selection of over 50 Dim Sum dishes from 550 yen, and 150 high-end dishes, are available here. 1. Every customer gets one dish free of charge. 2. When making a reservation for 10 [...]


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A very popular restaurant among locals, featuring "gyoza with wings." Great variety of dishes available.   Getting there 4min. walk from JR Kamata Station   More information 5-13-26, Kamata, Ota-ku 03-3730-7811 11:30~22:30 (L.O.) End of December until beginning of January


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The founder of the "gyoza with wings," which refers to the shape of the gyoza, giving it a crispier texture compared to the standard ones. This delicious type of gyoza has become a specialty in the Kamata area. Other homemade Chinese dishes are served as well.   Getting there 2 min. walk from [...]