Rokugo-jinja Shrine Children’s Lion Dance


A trio of children perform a Japanese lion dance to the music of flute and sasara (Japanese percussion instrument). This folk art dance, said to repel the evil spirits with the lion's energy, has been passed down over generations. Getting there 5 minutes' walk from "Rokugo-Dote" station on Keikyu Line More information [...]

Senzoku Pond Spring Evening Concert


This Japanese traditional music concert takes place on "Iketsuki bridge" every May. Enjoy the beautiful harmony of Japanese traditional music played by musicians both on the bridge and in boats floating on the pond. Getting there 2 minutes' walk from Senzoku-Ike Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line More information Iketsuki [...]

Tenso-jinja Shrine Negi Dance


A traditional dance to repel evil spirits and wish for fertility is held at Tenso Shrine every year on April 21st. After the dance, a ritual called "Oyubana" is performed, which is said to have begun in the Edo period. Getting there 5 minutes’ walk from Ontakesan Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line More [...]

International City Ota Festival


Celebrating Ota as the “Gateway to Japan” the International City Ota Festival is the annual event where tourists can encounter a wealth of attractions, events and booths from all over the world. Held in view of Haneda Airport, the world’s third largest in passenger traffic volume, the festival displays the strengths of Ota City and [...]