Discover the real Japan: Visit Ota Event at Haneda Airport


Did you know that Haneda Airport is located in Ota City? Ota City has over 140 distinctive shopping streets and is the largest public bath area in Tokyo with 39 public baths, known as Sento. You can also enjoy the rich Japanese culture that was carefully handed down by the locals. The Ota City Tourism [...]

Haneda Airport International Terminal Exploration Tour


Witness the highlights of our international terminal and experience historic Edo period through the beautiful lanes, alleys, and Haneda Nihonbashi bridge with our tour guide.

Ota City Summer Festivals in August

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Summer in Japan is festival (matsuri) season, which means fireworks, dancing, street food, and plenty of colorful yukatas!

International City Ota Festival on Sky Day at Haneda


2017's International City Ota Festival on Sky Day in Haneda will be planned around the theme, 'From Haneda to the world', and fully loaded with international character.

Haneda Festival – Free Guided Tour


Visitors can enjoy Haneda Festival by simply attending and watching, but if you join up with an experienced volunteer guide, you can capture the full experience.



Mizudome-no-mai is a traditional spiritual event that is known to “stop rain”, which has been around for about 680 years. People at Mizudome-no-mai blow a conch shell and wear the mask of a lion as they dedicate their dance to the dragon god. Date: July 14th, 2017 (13:00~15:00) Getting there JR Keihin‐Tohoku line [Omori station] East exit; [...]

See Tamagawadai Park’s Hydrangeas at their Best

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Just one minute's walk from Tamagawa station lies Tamagawadai Park, which is famous for its vast hydrangea garden.

Ota Expo 2017 at Haneda Airport


On June 2nd, the Ota Expo will be held at Haneda Airport by Japan Airport Terminal Co, Ltd. The four themes of the updated Ota Tourist Guide include “Waterfront Fun”, “Places to Film”, “Favorite Desserts”, and “Fun & Interesting Photo Spots”, which are represented through workshops so you can try them out for yourself. Two [...]

The Omori Nori Walk

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We will be holding a 10 kilometer walk event to the nori wholesale stores in the Umeyashiki and Omori areas.

Ota Traditional Japanese Culture Festival


The “Ota Traditional Japanese Culture Festival,” with the theme of rediscovering the fun of traditional Japanese culture, will be held at the Ota-Kumin Hall “Aprico.”