How to Use a Sento or Onsen

Ota Ward is home to one of the greatest concentration of sento (bathhouses) and natural onsen in Tokyo. To make the most of your experience, here is a handy guide on how to use an onsen: Take off your shoes when entering the bathhouse In most places, you’ll put them in a locker, either one [...]

Ryushi Memorial Hall

Ryushi Memorial Hall was established in 1963 by the master of modern Japanese painting Kawabata Ryushi (1885-1966) to commemorate the Order of Culture award and his 77th birthday. It has about 120 works by Ryushi from 1912 to postwar days (1945) that introduce Ryushi’s painting works from diverse perspectives. In the exhibition room, a group [...]

Sannou Soudou Memorial Hall

Tokuhomi Soho issued Japan’s first general magazine "Kokumin no Tomo (The Nation's Friend)", then started the “Kokumin Shinbun.” Soho’s masterpiece "Kinsei Nippon Kokumin Shi (History of the Japanese People in Modern Times)" was started in 1918 when he was 56, then completed in 1952 at the age of 90. More than half of the 100 [...]

Shiro Ozaki Memorial Hall

The house in which Shiro Ozaki, who was the central figure of the Magome-bunshi-mura (Magome writer village) spent 10 years until his death in 1964, has been restored as his memorial hall. Shiro moved to the Sanno neighborhood in 1923 and established his permanent place as a popular writer with the success of his novel [...]

Kumagai Tsuneko Memorial Hall

The former residence of Tsuneko Kumagai (1893-1986), a contemporary female kana calligrapher who is known for giving a lecture to Empress Michiko. The site has been renovated and showcases several of Kumagai's works. There are seasonal exhibitions throughout the year. In addition to about 170 works, the house also holds publications on such topics as [...]

Anamori Inari-jinja Shrine

Located in the vicinity of Haneda Airport and once inside the airport grounds themselves, this shrine is famous for blessing visitors with money, business and safety during trips. The rear area behind the main shrine boasts thousands of beautiful vermillion Torii gates. Here you can also find sacred sand, which allegedly has the power to [...]

Hasunuma Onsen

Despite reports to the contrary, Japan’s bathhouse culture is alive and thriving. Ota Ward, the largest of Tokyo’s 23 wards, counts 45 bathhouses scattered amongst in various neighborhoods, many of which draw their water from a natural hot spring source at the bottom of nearby Tokyo Bay.Hasunuma Onsen is one of the district’s many accessible [...]

Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima

While Ota Ward is well-known for its numerous bath houses, Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima takes the typical onsen experience to the next level. Over 150 tons of natural spring water are piped daily from two kilometers beneath Tokyo Bay into the large onsen complex. Visitors can avail themselves of a variety of bathing options, from [...]

Ikegami Temple Town

The founding of Ikegami Honmonji in 1276 by the Buddhist monk and scholar Nichiren led to the growth of a small town in the surrounding environs to support the visitors of the temple. As Honmonji grew in popularity as a pilgrimage destination, the shops at the base of the complex began catering to travelers with [...]