Haneda-jinja Shrine

Just a short distance from Haneda Airport, visitors to Japan can get their first taste of traditional culture at the Haneda-jinja Shrine. Haneda-jinja Shrine can trace its history back eight hundred years to the Kamakura Period. In the Edo Era (1603-1868), the Tokugawa shoguns who resided in central Tokyo used to make pilgrimages to the [...]

Kamata Onsen

A traditional onsen established in 1937. There are two baths containing kuroyu at different temperatures. Enjoy food, drink, and karaoke in the large hall on the second floor. Getting there 10 min walk from Keikyu Kamata Station on the Keikyu Line. More information 2-23-2, Kamata-honcho, Ota Ward 10:00-25:00 [...]


Enjoy different types of bath switched daily for male or female customers. Tenjinyu offers a black silica bath with negative ions and an infrared ray effect, an open-air bath, and an electric bath. More information 1-7-23, Minamikamata, Ota ward Weekdays 14:00-24:00 Saturdays and holidays 12:00-24:00 Sundays 9:00-24:00

Nitta-jinja Shrine

The quiet grounds of Nitta-jinja Shrine belie a long and colorful history. The shrine dates back over 650 years to the Namboku Period (which spanned much of the 14th century), when factions from the northern and southern halves of Japan were engaged in constant conflict. One of the warriors, a samurai named Nitta Yoshioki, was [...]


Sit back and relax in the hot spring while you enjoy watching carp and goldfish in an aquarium, and a great tile art of Mt.Fuji. We recommend the carbonated hot spring using one of the darkest black hot spring in the area. Access 8 min walk from JR Kamata Station More information [...]

Ota City Tourist Information Center

Information and cultural activities minutes from Haneda The Ota City Tourist Information Center opened its doors in mid-December of 2015, perfectly placed to welcome passengers arriving at the up-and-coming international hub of Tokyo's Haneda Airport. At the sparkling new facility, travelers to Tokyo can pick up magazines and brochures on both the surrounding neighborhood [...]

About Ota City’s Hot Springs Resorts

Quality and effects Hot springs can generally be categorized into those heated by volcanoes (volcanic hot-springs) and those heated geothermally (non-volcanic hot springs). Hot springs in Ota-ku fall into the latter. When prehistoric plants decay and eventually go through coalification, they create a stratum of lignite. When the water passes through this stratum, it [...]

Kamata Hachiman-jinja Shrine

If you’re passing by Ota City during your trip to Japan, be sure not to miss the Kamata Hachiman-jinja Shrine. Originally founded in 1600, the Kamata Hachiman-jinja Shrine is dedicated to Inari which is the Japanese god of foxes. Even though the shrines were partially burnt in 1945, they were rebuilt a few years later in [...]