Discovering Japan’s true bathing traditions at Ota’s Sento


When I think of baths in Japan I generally think of hot springs nestled amongst the mountains where you can relax whilst breathing in the crisp air and enjoy a sense of recluse from your busy life. From documentaries that we see on Japan you may even expect to share your hot spring experience with a group of monkeys. However, there is another side to bathing in Japan; one that is much closer to Japanese people’s daily lives but practically unknown to foreigners. The world of Sento.

International City – Ota Festival on Sky Day at Haneda


Ota City is an international city that is closely connected to Haneda airport, allowing it to host the annual International City Ota Festival.

Fireworks Festival at Tama River


August 15th 2016 marked the 69th commemoration anniversary of Ota-ku declaring itself as the Peace City, after the end of World War 2 for Japan.

My Day at the Ota City Tourist Information Center


Friday 11th December saw the official opening of the brand new Ota City Tourist Information Center in Keikyu Kamata Station. Since I had been invited to attend the opening ceremony in a furisode (long-sleeved kimono), I started my day early at a hair salon, having my hair styled in a traditional up-do with flowery ornaments, [...]