Heiwa no Mori Park Field Athletic Course

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Feel like brushing up on your skills before an appearance on the popular Ninja Warrior TV show? There’s no better place to test your dexterity than on the Field Athletic Course in Heiwa no Mori Park, a forested area a ten-minute walk from the Heiwajima train station on the Keihin Kyuko Line. The Heiwa no [...]

Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima

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While Ota Ward is well-known for its numerous bath houses, Natural Hot Springs Heiwajima takes the typical onsen experience to the next level. Over 150 tons of natural spring water are piped daily from two kilometers beneath Tokyo Bay into the large onsen complex. Visitors can avail themselves of a variety of bathing options, from [...]

Omori Furusato Hamabe Park

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White sand beaches and easy strolling paths are just two of the top features of this bayside park not far from the Heiwajima train station. The park borders Tokyo Bay, an historically important nori (seaweed) harvesting area in the Edo Period (1600-1868). While residents of that era once enjoyed unobstructed views across the water, today’s [...]

Senzokuike Pond

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Senzoku-ike is located in Northern Ota Ward, six stops from Ikegami Station. The area is named after the famous Buddhist priest Nichiren Shonin who washed his feet here on his way to Ikegami Temple. Senzoku literally means “washing your feet” which is exactly what Nichiren Shonin and many priests after him did at the large [...]

Omori Nori Museum


During the Edo Period (1600–1868), the area of Omori in Ota Ward was known for its cultivation of nori, the crackly sheets of seaweed most commonly wrapped around plump rice balls or sushi rolls. While development along the shores of Tokyo Bay after World War II led to the collapse of the Omori nori industry, [...]

Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal

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Tokyo Haneda Airport is the only airport within Tokyo Prefecture, and has an increasing number of visitors and attractions emerging each year. Winning the award for World's Best Domestic Airport, and Best Airport Terminal Cleanliness, your journey through Haneda Airport is sure to be a smooth one. The domestic terminal consists of terminal 1 and [...]

Haneda Airport International Terminal

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Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal grand opened in October 2010, providing the greater metropolitan area a primary international terminal.  In 2014, it opened up to more flights, and now offers nonstop services to 29 airports in 26 cities worldwide, allowing the airport to attract many more passengers every year. The terminal houses most of the major [...]

Heiwajima Boat Races


Spice up your time in Tokyo with a day at the races… the boat races, that is. Ota Ward is home to one of Japan’s few boat racing stadiums, where groups of six boats at a time compete in a watery arena in a sport not unlike horse racing. The races in Ota Ward take [...]