Top 10 Things to do in Ota City

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Ditch the usual guidebooks and get off the beaten tourist trail with an exploration of Tokyo’s discovered Ota Ward. The following sites represent the best and most unique aspects of this corner of the city. Even better – they're all just a short distance from Tokyo’s rising air hub of Haneda Airport. 1. Ota [...]

Studio Hougaku Academy


Channel your inner percussionist and try your hand at a taiko (Japanese drumming) class at Kamata’s Studio Hougaku Academy. The academy offers a range of class levels, from beginner to advanced, all of which are taught by professional taiko players. The academy even welcomes children over the age of 3, making a taiko experience the [...]

Ota Folk Museum

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The Ota City Folk Museum offers a host of exhibits related to the physical and cultural history of Ota Ward. On the ground floor, take a journey back in time to the early traces of settlement in the area, with pottery shards and other recovered artifacts.


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Stones were packed over 50 "ken" (approx 90m) underwater to protect the coast from surges in flow during floods. There is also the Muen-dou, built to enshrine those who have been in water accidents. Positioned at the end of the Tama river, there is a complete view of Tokyo Harbor and Haneda Airport, with many [...]


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Sit back and relax in the hot spring while you enjoy watching carp and goldfish in an aquarium, and a great tile art of Mt.Fuji. We recommend the carbonated hot spring using one of the darkest black hot spring in the area. Access 8 min walk from JR Kamata Station More [...]

Showa no Kurashi Museum (Museum of Life in the Showa Era)


Tokyo may seem like all steel and skyscrapers, but a visit to the Museum of Life in the Showa Era will make you feel as if you’ve slipped back in time about 60 years. The Showa Period in Japan lasted from 1926 to 1989, and this small but carefully curated museum, housed in both an [...]

Ota City Tourist Information Center

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Information and cultural activities minutes from Haneda The Ota City Tourist Information Center opened its doors in mid-December of 2015, perfectly placed to welcome passengers arriving at the up-and-coming international hub of Tokyo's Haneda Airport. At the sparkling new facility, travelers to Tokyo can pick up magazines and brochures on both the surrounding neighborhood [...]

Ota Market


Nearly all visitors to Japan have heard of Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market, but the oft-visited spot has become increasingly stricter over the years regarding who may have access to the bustling area. However, just a short distance away, the Ota Market (Ota Ichiba in Japanese) boasts a site that’s even larger than Tsukiji and happily [...]

Bustling Kamata at Night

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This neighborhood is an alluring area with unique shops. There are many delicious restaurants around Kamata Station and Keikyu Kamata Station, and the streets are thronged with office workers after work. There are more than 100 restaurants within a few minutes' walking distance, so it's easy to enjoy unique Japanese-style casual drinking on a self-styled [...]

Sohou Park

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This park was created at the residence of Tokutomi Sohou (Sannou Soudou). Two tall ginkgo trees stand at the entrance, and they serve as marks for the park. Other trees and flowers such as pine, sawtooth oak, plum, catalpa, and hydrangea can be found in the park. Getting there 15-minute walk from Omori Station [...]