Cycling in Ota City

Bike Share For those visiting Ota City for sightseeing, I would recommend taking advantage of a bike share service, which is affordable and convenient to get around this lovely city. There are 12 bike stations across Ota-ku, and there is one just a 3 minute walk from Ota City Tourist Information Center. You can rent and [...]

Take a Bath with Godzilla

A public bathhouse in Tokyo's Ota ward is playing host to an offbeat collaboration with the movie Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence). The Dai-Ni Hinode-Yu bathhouse, which draws water from the area's unusual black hot spring, now features a landscape mural of Godzilla created by Mizuki Tanaka, Japan's only female bathhouse mural artist. Taking a bath [...]

Haginaka Park

Haginaka Park offers great fun for the young, the old, the active ones, and the ones who prefer a peaceful place. The park offers a diverse variety of statues, fountains, grass areas, a swimming pool with a waterslide, a baseball field with seats for spectators, and some equipment for working out. For children, there is [...]