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Top 3 Festivals in Ota City Not to Miss

Top 3 Festivals in Ota City Not to Miss

Haneda Shrine Festival

The Haneda Shrine dates back more than 800 years to the Kamakura Period and these days with its proximity to Haneda International Airport, many visitors to the shrine go to pray for air travel safety.

Every year, on the last weekend in July, the shrine holds a lively festival where the mikoshi (portable shrine) is carried through the streets in a unique way that looks as if the mikoshi is floating through the crowds of 30,000 participants as if it were a boat sailing through the ocean.  

  • When: Last weekend in July (annually)
  • Where: Haneda Shrine
  • How to get there: 12 minute walk from Otorii station on the Keikyu line
Haneda Matsuri

Haneda Matsuri

A traditional summer festival The Haneda Matsuri, or Haneda Festival, is held annually during the last week of July and boasts an average attendance of around 30,000, most of whom are locals. Be...

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Kojiya Awa Odori Festival

The Awa Odori festivals are popular due to the energetic style and rhythm of the dance and music, as well as the colorful and unique festival outfits of the performers. The Awa Odori which originated in Tokushima on the island of Shikoku is celebrated in festivals all over Japan. In Ota City, the Kojiya Awa Odori is held along the town’s shoutengai where 10 groups, total of 600 people, participated during the two days

  • When: Beginning of August (annually)
  • Where: Kojiya Station (Shoutengai)
  • How to get there: Just by Keikyu Airport Line Kojiya Station
Kojiya Awa Dance

Kojiya Awa Dance

Kojiya Awa dance is known as a seasonal tradition of Ota city. Across 2 days, about 600 people cooperate and line up in 10 rows to cheer up the crowd with their dance. About 150 kids line...

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Ikegami Honmonji Temple Oeshiki Festival

The Ikegami Honmonji Temple Oeshiki Festival is one of Tokyo’s most memorable festivals that dates back more than 730 years. The festival celebrates the anniversary of the death of Saint Nichiren (October 13th), Buddhist scholar and founder of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism and Ikegami Honmonji Temple. Oeshiki celebrations to honor Nichiren are held all around Japan, but the largest and most impressive takes place right in Ota City at Ikegami Honmonji Temple, where Nichiren passed away.

The three-day festival happens, October 11th -13th, but the highlight of the festival is on October 12th when the “mando” procession occurs. The mando is a lantern of around 10,000 lights constructed around a pagoda that is carried along a two-kilometer route from Ikegami Station to the temple accompanied by a procession of participants carrying cherry-blossom adorned lanterns, and Edo Period-styled fireman (Matoi)playing traditional festival melodies on the flutes and drums.

  • When: October 11th -13th (annually)
  • Where: Ikegami Honmonji Temple
  • How to get there: 10-minute walk from Tokyu Ikegami Line Ikegami Station, or 12-minute walk from Asakusa Line Nishimagome Station
Ikegami Honmonji Temple Oeshiki

Ikegami Honmonji Temple Oeshiki

Ikegami Honmonji Oeshiki Festival is one of Tokyo’s most famous and memorable festivals, with a history dating back more than 730 years. The festival celebrates the anniversary of the death o...

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