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Souvenirs from Ota City

Souvenirs from Ota City

Ota City is considered one of Tokyo’s top manufacturing zones, with both modern products and traditional crafts created in the area’s workshops and factories. Below is a list of Made in Ota items that travelers will want to keep an eye out for during their time in the city.


Souvenirs from Ota City

There’s no one cuter than Hanepyon, the brightly-colored mascot of Ota City. His image graces all sorts of souvenirs, from notepads to pens to mini towels perfect for using in Ota City’s onsen. Or, pick up a stuffed Hanepyon as a cuddly gift.

Kuroyu Cider

Ota City is known for its numerous kuroyu, or black hot springs baths. To mark this unique feature of the area, the cities of Ota and Kawasaki have joined together on the production of a unique soda beverage, named after the popular springs. The drink can be purchased at Ota City Tourist Information Center and a handful of public baths.

Magome Sanzun Carrot Manju

Souvenirs from Ota City

During the Edo era, the neighborhood of Magome in Ota City crossbred their own specific variety of carrot, known as the Obuto carrot. This vegetable is still cultivated today, and is used as the filling for Magome’s delicious carrot buns.

Kamata Kiriko

Souvenirs from Ota City

Kiriko is a type of cut glass that originally came to Japan via the ancient Silk Road. While Tokyo itself is known for its famous Edo Kiriko cut glass, the local Kamata version puts a bit of a modern spin on the traditional craft with unique patterns and designs that differ from the older techniques.

Papillon 2

Souvenirs from Ota City

While traditional crafts still hold sway in Ota City, a host of companies are experimenting with new technologies. The Toki Corporation has blended beauty with mechanics with the creation of their butterfly robot (papillon is French for butterfly), which vibrates in a life-like manner due to vibrations in the surrounding air.

Yakinori Tabekiri Packs

Souvenirs from Ota City

The Omori section of Ota City was once famed for its nori (dried seaweed) production. While the crop has diminished, a few shops selling nori still remain. One of them, Morihan Noriten, has been in business since 1901 – among their products are the beautifully-packaged Tabekiri Packs, with sheets of nori cut into convenient sizes, perfect for picnics or wrapping around a rice ball.

These are just a few of the unique souvenirs that can be found in Ota City. For a wide range of products, including a number of items that have won awards, be sure to visit the homepage.

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