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Ota City launches Certified Private Lodging

Ota City launches Certified Private Lodging

Several websites now offer B&B booking services for foreign tourists, however, some of these registered lodgings are not legally permitted to be rented out and the responsibilities of the owner are either vague or not well addressed. In order to provide more safe accommodation options for tourists, Ota City has become the first local government to implement bylaws for “Minpaku,” or private lodging. All houses and apartments will be able to accommodate tourists as private lodgings, regardless of the requirements listed in the “Inns and Hotels Act”, if authorized by the Ota City Mayor. Ota City-certified private lodgings will typically be assessed as meeting the following standard:

  • Achieves minimum level of safety and hygiene.
  • Satisfies requirements for emergency procedures.
  • The responsibilities of the owner and tenant are clearly stated and defined.

Choice of accommodation plays a big part in your travel. How about trying out the Ota City-certified private lodging for a safe and memorable stay in Japan?

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