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HANEDA ⇔ OTA Enjoy Program

HANEDA ⇔ OTA Enjoy Program

How about traveling through Haneda Airport the next time you visit Japan?

Access to central Tokyo is very convenient from Haneda Airport and the surrounding area has many shopping streets and public baths allowing you to get a taste of the real Japanese lifestyle.

  • When you check out of your hotel, and you still have a few remaining hours before your flight at Haneda Airport, wouldn’t you like to spend your last hours in Japan doing something typically Japanese?
  • When arriving at Haneda Airport late at night or in the early morning, haven’t you ever felt puzzled how to spend your time while shops in the city are closed?
  • When you’re only transiting in Tokyo for half a day, wouldn’t you enjoy the opportunity to get a taste of Japanese culture or cuisine?

As a response to these kind of wishes and worries, Ota City have prepared a pamphlet which offers practical advice to people who have a few spare hours, entitled ‘What to do around Haneda Airport within three hours‘.

Please do not hesitate to use those spare hours to enjoy Ota City, where you can get a real taste of the true Japan, overflowing with liveliness and kindness.

  • Distribution Locations
    • Haneda Airport International Terminal Ota City Tourist Information Area
    • Ota City Tourist Information Center
    • Plaza Industry Ota Tourism & Industry Information Area
    • Other places, such as hotels or public baths in Ota City area
  • Pamphlet Data
  • Publishing Agent 
    • Ota City Tourism Promotion Association

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