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5 Reasons to Stay at Kamata, Tokyo

5 Reasons to Stay at Kamata, Tokyo

Kamata is a district within Ota City in Tokyo’s southeastern side, once a trendy and fashionable area famous for housing the Shochiku film studio (where Yasujiro Ozu got his start as a film director); Kamata was the place to be before the war. Post-war Kamata however, never reclaimed its fame and grew into more of an industrial area for many small-scale factories.

5 Reasons to Stay at Kamata, Tokyo

Today, you can however still experience a nostalgia of the old Kamata that is still much-loved by the locals in the area. There is a special atmosphere that you cannot find in many other areas of Tokyo which makes it a great place to base yourself while visiting Tokyo. Here are 5 reasons to stay in Kamata when coming to Tokyo.


Kamata area is easily accessible by two major interchange stations. Kamata Station is served by the JR Keihin Tohoku Line, the Tokyu Tamagawa Line and the Tokyo Ikegami Line. The other station is Keikyu Kamata Station served by the Keikyu Main Line – which connects Shinagawa with Kawasaki and Yokohama as well as the Keikyu Airport Line which goes to Haneda Airport. Getting around the city couldn’t be easier with this kind of accessibility.


Tokyo is known for having pricy hotels and the more central you are the higher the price goes. In the Kamata area, you can find a number of top chain hotels, family-run inns, and hostels at an affordable price. For a list of the accommodations in the Kamata area, you can check out our recommended places to stay. It is not only the accommodation that is affordable but the shops and restaurants also have prices that can’t be beaten.

5 Reasons to Stay at Kamata, Tokyo

Proximity to the airport

It has already been said how connected the Kamata area is and the bonus is you can get to and from Haneda International Airport in just under 10 minutes on a direct train from Keikyu-Kamata Station using the Keikyu-Kyuko Line. It will only cost you JPY 300 one way. Forget about those pricey airport express trains and buses and never stress about running late for your flight again with being this close in proximity.

More locals, fewer tourists

Kamata area is still undiscovered by many tourists, which is a good thing, as you can spend your time experiencing real Tokyo life as a local without the tourist crowds. There are plenty of places to explore in the area from temples, parks, and some of Tokyo’s best public bathhouses. The locals in the area are also friendly and happy to welcome you. This site has a list of activities to keep you busy while there.

5 Reasons to Stay at Kamata, Tokyo

Lots of local shops and restaurants

Around Kamata station area there are many shopping arcades both retro and new selling local goods at affordable prices. A great place to find unique traditional items to take back home. Also, there are plenty of restaurants and drinking bars one famously known area is ‘Bourbon Road’, where you can find one road lined with izakayas. Lastly, don’t leave Kamata without trying the winged gyoza ‘fried dumplings in the shape of wings’ which originated at the Nihao Chinese Restaurant just near to Kamata Station.

5 Reasons to Stay at Kamata, Tokyo

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